Commercial garage doors play an important role in many businesses’ day-to-day operations.

If a part of a commercial garage door breaks, it may become dangerous to operate, or it might stop opening and closing altogether, causing business operations to come to a halt. Or, if a company’s garage doors are no longer adequate for its growing needs, operations may not run as efficiently as they could. Quality Garage Doors and Gutters’ professional technicians have the experience and knowledge to provide solutions for any garage door needs.

Some possible solutions for enhancing your commercial garage doors include:

  • Selecting a different type of door that better suits your needs – For example, you may want to consider service doors, fire doors, counter doors, or rolling grilles.
  • Making changes to your doors’ hardware – You can upgrade to high-cycle doors simply by switching to more appropriate hardware. This could involve changing out the hinges and rollers, installing wider door tracks, or switching to corrosion-resistant hardware.
  • Adapting to certain conditions – Depending on your business’s location and conditions of the areas surrounding your garage doors, it could be beneficial to make certain adjustments. For instance, if humidity and moisture are an issue, your commercial garage doors could benefit from upgraded seals and weather-stripping.
  • Installing or upgrading your commercial garage door opener – Your garage door opener is what allows your door to open safely and smoothly. Plus, today’s openers are available with a multitude of features that may be beneficial to your specific needs. For example, there are sensors that detect toxins or smoke and signal automatic opening or closing, and timers that provide automatic lighting and door operation at programmed times.